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Designing, manufacturing, and providing products and industrial automatic systems for Labeling, Coding and Marking is our vocation. Founded in 1994, United Barcode Systems rapidly became capable of offering solutions within the automatic identification field. The experience and knowledge acquired in the automatic printing and identification systems, became crucial to focus the new business strategies in providing global solutions to meet our customers labelling, coding, and marking needs. Nowadays, UBS is leader within the labelling, Coding and Marking sectors. Proof of this is our large national coverage and international presence, providing comprehensive automatic identification solutions, as well as thousands of companies who benefit from our wide-ranging products and services. Focused in offering the best technology and quality in the market, your projects are carried out by the hands of our qualified team of engineers, technicians, and computer professionals, from early advising to final running. Our systems, software and consumables are also backed up by a wide national sales and international distribution network, establishing a trust link confirmed by our support and highly competent technical service. With this same spirit we keep on innovating and developing labelling and marking solutions that is adjustable to any type of sector and industrial environment, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large companies, accomplishing all identification and traceability actual and future requirements.

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2067 Wineridge Place Escondido, CA 92029
United States

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